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Research areas are plant digital herbarium for health and conservation; sub-saharan African genome repository, microscopy and image analysis.

The Atlantic Ocean, Denu Beach, Volta Region, Ghana

Our Expertise


Promote research projects centered on African environmental challenges and needs.


Develop innovative solutions through African-centric personnel designs.

Community Development

Build collaborative environment for research and technology development through education, mentorships, conferences and partnerships.

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Daily life at Sena Institute of Technology

Our focus is on exploring genetic and environmental interactions impacting health. Our staff specializes in combining field research with molecular biology approaches which enables us to comprehensively execute research projects using interdisciplinary approaches.

Community Programs


We connect students and junior faculty to senior colleagues for both professional and academic mentoring.


We place students in international labs for short-term research projects while providing an environment for collaborative research in Ghana.


Our team provides training to students in molecular biology, agriculture, botany, imaging and data analysis,

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Student and Interns Feedback

Interning at Sena Institute of Technology (SIT) over the summer break was a remarkably enriching international experience. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my internship was conducted remotely where I worked on the Sub-Saharan African Genome Repository; data science research using the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) tools such as Pubmed and Primer BLAST to mine published literature.
Cherish Jongwe,
Summer Intern 21 Harvard College, USA.

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