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Sub-Saharan African Genome Repository (SSAGR)​

A genomic database composed of plants, marine organisms, plasmids, bacterial and viruses and mammalian cells. The repository supports genetic research on African biodiversity and provides insights into its public health.

Genetic Engineering​

Gene editing in plants, bacteria, yeast and mammalian cell lines

Tissue Biobanking

Storage of plant, aquatic, mammalian and human specimen


Molecular characterization of plant and mammalian phenotypes

Strains available

Plasmid Collection

Bacterial Strains (Adapted from

Yeast Strains (Adapted from Walker and Stewart, 2016)

Plant Cell Lines


Mammalian Cell Lines


Tissue Biobank

Service available in 2023

For many researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa, getting access to biomolecular materials is a big huddle. We receive donated strains and make them affordable in the sub-region. Our repository enable scientists to access a wide range of products from plasmids, viruses, bacteria, yeast and cell lines. This is especially so during the COVID-19 pandemic where scientists in the Sub-Saharan region need these resources to facilitate their research efforts.

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Existing databases:

Sena Plant Digital Herbarium

Documented over 300 plants.

Sena Food Recipe Repository

Documented over 500 food recipes across Ghana.

Sena Aquatic Life Conservation

Documented about a 100 marine species.

Sena Insect Repository

Database of insects in Ghana and across the tropics.