Dzodze-Penyi Road

Penyi, Ghana

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Community Library:

Our library is open to the Dzodze-Penyi community which has approximately 20,000 residents. Our library is playing an integral role in the community by providing access to valuable resources including courses and hands-on training. There is no public library in the district and we are working with partners to upgrade the library and expand its reach to other communities.

We hope to create a smart library space to better meet the needs of the community.  Specifically, we plan to introduce educational programs such as IT training, art workshops, after-school programs, and foster lifelong learning, capacity development (including job search, preparing CV etc) and social connections among community members.

Existing Facilities:

1. Books on Science, Arts and History

2. Children Books

3. Printing service – Color and Black and White


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To use the library facility, please register using the form below. The librarian will verify your state-issued ID card before granting you access.

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