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Translational Medicine — Precision Medicine, Drug discovery and Clinical Ethics

Translating basic science research into communal health.

News Update: The Sena Institute of Technology has received its first Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval from the Ghana Health Services Ethics Review Committee to study the molecular genetics of fibroid among Ghanaian women, the prevalence of the disease in Ghana, and the burden of the disease on women and its impact on the Ghana Health system. The research will enable us grow fibroid organelles in the lab, genetically profile them and identify markers of the disease; qualitative research to assess the impact of the disease on women; and establish the prevalence of the disease across multiple regions in the country.

Research Areas​

Precision Medicine

* Genome sequencing * Gene editing * Cell line generation * Develop climate adaptable crops to withstand drought.

Drug Discovery​

* Database for novel therapeutic drugs from plant sources. * Drug screening assays

Clinical Ethics

* Ethical clearance for clinical research * Community health advocacy* Public health awareness

Nutrition And Health

* Food and its application * Characterize food and their nutritional supplements to improve food security

Data Analytics

* Clinical data analysis * Image analysis * Data modeling and simulations * Computational Biology and Bioinformatics