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A technology incubator is a laboratory space opened to the general public to empower communities to transform ideas to reality. We provide the environment to train, coach and support young innovators to develop solutions to problems of our changing world. 

Prototyping 3D-printed Prosthetic Leg:

In consultation with 3D design professionals in Boston we have initiated this program to train and engage young students pursue the 3D and robotics field. The center will use the development of prosthetic legs as a model to train students and staff. Through this effort we will be able to improve mobility of individuals who are physically challenged and enhance their ability to live more rewarding and productive lives.  The Fab lab will create an enabling environment for staff, students and professionals to work together to create engineering solutions (such as the figure on the right) to improve physical function and well-being.

3D printer and 3D printed foot

Prototyping 3D-printed Respirator mask:

The current coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is putting a significant strain on healthcare systems globally. Personal protection equipment such as surgical masks and respirators are the most sought after resource for protecting healthcare professionals who are at the forefront of the fight against this deadly disease. The limited access to N95 masks is exposing healthcare professionals to the disease worsening the situation. We have also observed that countries that do not put in place adequate resources experience the most fatality as seen in Italy and Spain.

In partnership with Mr. Jordan Elevons, a 3D Design Engineer, he has developed and tested a low-cost 3D-printed face mask that is reusable, and can be manufactured locally. We will supply at least 50,000 respirator masks to hospitals in Ghana to combat the Covid-19 disease. For more information check Jordan Elevons’ blog.


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