Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

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E-Herbarium database:
In this global era, it is disheartening that farmers substitute local crops with foreign crops that have been well characterized. It is our goal to reverse the trend by creating an electronic database of local food and medicinal crops as we strive to ensure food security. We work with farmers through workshops and focus group discussions on sustainable farming practices as well as better characterization of local crops and plants.

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Medical Trends in Ghana:
Our objective is to assess health changes in Ghana over decades to determine health needs in the district. By working with local clinics, we will conduct longitudinal research on outpatient diagnostic data in the last decade or so to establish medical trends. This information will serve as guidance for local and regional policymakers in making health decisions moving forward. Also, we will develop programs to convert paper forms to digital inputs during the research process.


Statistical and Data Analysis Center:
In consultation with professionals and experts here in the USA and in Ghana we will establish a data analysis center to support research institutions in Ghana and elsewhere on the continent. This discipline is focused on data modeling and simulations using tools such as Matlab, Mathematica, SAS and programming languages such as python, perl and R. In addition, these tools will be used in interdisciplinary fields involving other fields such Biology, Economics, Finance and Policy Developments. We have expertise in data and image analysis using the following programs.