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Function with a highly structured and yet agile and non-bureaucratic model to provide efficient and effective support to the research and learning communities.


Sena institute of Technology is a private non-profit research center in Ghana. The institute is a startup with a mission of promoting research capacity in Ghana and in other African countries. Located at the border between Ghana’s Capital, Accra and Togo’s Capital, Lome, enabling bilingual team interactions. The official language of Ghana is English and that of Togo is French. The Institute is located about 3 hours’ drive from the Ghana capital and an hour from Togo’s capital. A primary aim is to bridge the various research and cultural gaps between both countries.
Due to our private and nonprofit status in Ghana, we can Engage collaborating professionals from nearby institutions. Work with multiple institutions and organizations across the region and continent. Fulfill our commitments to fostering open science and to bridging scientific knowledge across Africa.


Internship opportunities

  • Work on novel technologies at SIT.
  • Get global experience through international partnerships.
  • Work in an interdisciplinary research environment.

Exchange Program

Work with researchers globally. Provide entrepreneurial opportunities to students to work within and outside Ghana. Facilitate completion of research ethics and clinical research guidelines in Ghana.

Ongoing projects:

A digital plant herbarium database.
A Sub-Saharan African Genome Repository.
Local development of bacterial culture media.
Seminar and conference organization
3D Prosthetic (Sena Leg) through SIT Fab Lab
Training workshops for high school students

Available internship roles:

Database Management.
3D modeling and Printing.
High school tutoring in related topics.
Program management coordination.
Social media and marketing.
Fundraising and account management.
Website designer and IT management.

Amenities at SIT:

Affordable hotel accommodation (White Dove Hotel, Bubune Hotel, Mike G Hotel) within 10 minute from the institute.
Constant power supply with a back up generator.
Connectivity to mobile and internet services.
District hospital ( St. Anthony’s Catholic Hospital) within 15 min from the institute.
Touristic sites includes Denu sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Volta, Mt. Afadjato (the highest mountain in Ghana), Wli waterfall (the tallest waterfall in West Africa) and regional festivals (Deza, Ngoryiza and Hogbetsotso).
Easy access to Togo’s capital, Lome.

‘ Interning at Sena Institute of Technology(SIT) over the summer break was a remarkably enriching international experience.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my internship was conducted remotely where I worked on the Sub-Saharan African Genome Repository; data science research using the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) tools such as Pubmed and Primer BLAST to mine published literature. Also, I got to employ molecular biology platforms such as University of California Santa Cruz Genome Browser and SnapGene to collect data and curate biological strains relevant for the development of SIT`s Biorepository whilst learning the operations of a biotech institution. I annotated the Salmonella typhi plasmid and the characteristics that confer antibiotic resistance and their mode of replication.  Attending the African Seminar series hosted by SIT was an icing on the cake as I got to learn from experts working at the forefront of biomedical technology ! ’

Cherish Jongwe,
Summer Intern 21
Harvard College, USA.