Engineering, Physics and Material Sciences


This discipline is involved in new material design, tools and system optimization. Some areas of research interest include hydrogels, chemical modifications, cosmic simulations and  nanoparticles. The discipline is also involved in tissue engineering and imaging such as MRI and crystallography.

3D printing and robotic center:
In consultation with 3D design professionals in Boston we have initiated this program to train and engage young students into the field. The center will build prosthetic solutions for the physically challenged in the society.  We will create an enabling environment for staff, students and professionals to work together to create engineering solutions suitable for global applications.

This initiative involves three phases:

  • Create a demonstration project with 3D printed prosthetics such as legs and arms.
  • Develop a curriculum to train students and staff on 3D design and printing.
  • Capacity building to extend knowledge to schools and institutions nearby and/or empower the entrepreneurial ecosystem within Ghana.


Develop natural colors from plants

Extraction of natural colors from plants and flowers.