Conferences and workshops


Scientific conferences are rarely accessible to all researchers globally. Many researchers in emerging countries do no get access to novel research findings due to the limited opportunities to conferences and seminars. Our goal is to organize annual international conferences on specific topics in Ghana. We are working with international organizations and partners to bring this initiative to fruition.

In partnership with the Federation of American Societies and Experimental Biology (FASEB) to organize its first conference in Africa dubbed "Imaging Cellular and Chromosome Dynamics" in Accra Ghana from Oct 31 - Nov 5, 2021.



  • Scientific writing, literature and Analysis
  • Computational Biology
  • Workshop on genomics in Africa- Personalized medicine genomics
  • Individual development Plan


Farmers workshops

  • Introduction to improved farming methods.
  • Introduction to good farming techniques.
  • Widelife and natural vegetation conservation.
  • Introduction to permacultural practices.
  • Reafforestation and planting of tree crops.

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Past Events:


Building Place-based Resilience Globally: A Monthly Series

SIT co-organized the monthly series on Placed-Based Resilience Series. The topic of the March seminar was on on "Changing Narratives".

second seminar


Building Place-based Resilience Globally: A Monthly Series

SIT co-organized the first Building Place-based resilience monthly series with Earthos Institute and Ar centar Gracanica. One of February presentation was presented by Dr. Kwasi Agbleke, President of Sena Institute of Technology.

first seminar