Biology, Chemistry and Molecular Genetics


This discipline is focused on deciphering life at the molecular level. Scientists in biomedical sciences will develop new tools and systems to study the basic mechanisms driving cellular function. Basic areas of research include

  • Cell Biology, Developmental Biology and Genetics.
  • Microscopy and Image processing



Microbiology and genetic diagnostics:
Our first project is making microbiological media for conducting research in microbiology using local agricultural produce. The media project will provide essential resources to high school students and introduce them to bacterial genetic screening at an early age. The second project is ethanol production from local agricultural produce to facilitate microbiology projects. Our goal is to make ethanol available for research institutions across the country. Currently, the country imports 70 million liters of ethanol per year. Once we have developed the core resources for research, we will begin work on bacteria cell physiology.


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Drug discovery:
Our goal is to support and empower local herbal medical practitioners (alternate medicine) to deliver efficient treatments to patients. We will follow patient treatment options and recovery. Also, with your support we will extract the active ingredients in herbal formulations for treating emerging tropical diseases. With this approach we can track the next global epidemic such as Ebola and Zika and curtail global disease outbreaks and provide disease surveillance.


Current Projects:

  • 1. Development of laboratory and industrial grade materials and reagents using local agricultural products.
  • 2. Characterization of yeast from local sources.
  • 3. Microbial culture of bacteria isolated from sites of injury.
  • 4. Characterization and isolation of active ingredients in medicinal plants used in Ghana.