We are one of the first private research institutes in Ghana. Briefly, our goal is to develop local resources, promote African designs and technology and make available resources developed on the continent. We intend to conserve flora and fauna within the region to maintain biodiversity; preserve existing local languages; and documents local sports and promote them internationally. Finally, we will educate and promote African culture globally.



To be an outstanding research capacity hub in Ghana and across Africa dedicated to solving African and global challenges.


  • Provide an avenue of excellence for cutting edge research across the continent.
  • Create a collaborative environment between researchers in different disciplines to execute mutual projects.
  • Develop cutting edge research and technical tools for the continent and the world.
  • Track emerging diseases across the African continent and the world and serve as a disease surveillance center.


  • The pursuit of excellence in every research discipline.
  • The search for fundamental truth for the advancement of humanity.
  • Grow collaborations to solve world problems.
  • Generate excitement about discoveries and explorations.

History of the Institute

Sena Institute of Technology is a non-profit research institute built to bring seasoned and young researchers across the globe to work together for a common purpose of building research capacity in Africa. The Institute will cover all areas of academic discipline and engage faculty and students to facilitate innovative and sustainable development of research in Ghana and across Africa.

Sena Institute of Technology was incorporated in Ghana in May 2016 under The Companies Act 1963, Act 179. The Institute was founded by two brothers, Andrews Akwasi Agbleke (Kwasi) and Michael Kofi Agbleke with the aim of developing research across the country and the continent. The sole aim of the Institute is to pull resources together to create an environment for scientific progression and development. The three primary objectives of the Institute are:

1) Facilitate intellectual interactions between scientists leading to collaborations
2) Allocate shared resources to researchers to increase productivity and sustainable development 
3) Development of innovative resources tailored to the African continent and the world.

By bringing together a team of accomplished researchers and scientists we hope to propel research across the continent at unimaginable pace and growth. In the global era of integration, this institute will set the pace for developing African human resource and capacity through excellence. It is our sole aim that Sena Institute of Technology will redefine and change the course of growth in the coming generations.

Sena Institute of Technology was incorporated in December 2017 as a non-profit corporation under Chapter 180 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA. The purpose is to serve as a support foundation for the Institute in Ghana to enable us 1) Raise funds for the Institute 2) Enable us to share our discoveries to the American community and 3) Liaison our research goals with US institutions.

Our staff, graduates and alumni shall be the beacon of development here in Ghana and across the globe.