Our mission is to develop research capacity in Ghana and elsewhere on the continent. We intend to bring scientists and researchers within and outside the country in the pursuit of knowledge and development of research capacity.


To build a research-oriented institution dedicated to training scientists,  professionals and policy makers on proper data collection, interpretation and application of research outcomes.

Join us

We are currently recruiting faculties, research consultants and policy makers to join our team. Email us at info@sitghana.org


Building innovative green research laboratories in Africa for the advancement of scientific research, culture and climate change.

Core Facilities


We will provide state-of-the-art equipment and resources to engage the scientific community to drive science forward. Where these resources are not optimal for our uses, we will design and make better ones.




Advancing collaborations through workshops, conferences, exchange programs and integration of disciplines. The institute will be a central hub for innovative research for many nations.

Capacity Development


Training researchers and scientists within the African continent. We expand our training programs to other parts of Africa and integrate scientists and researchers across the continent.